Matrix 2-Point®️

Are you feeling stuck with a specific subject?

Would you like to change something, but you do not know how?

Do you want to invite more joy and ease into your life?

Matrix 2-Point®️ is an energy healing method, where I work with my two hands: one stands for your problem/topic and one for the ideal solution. During this session I send impulses into your body in order to remove your internal blocks connected to your chosen subject.

You can imagine it like a guided meditation, where you can relax, reflect and let go. This method helps you to change your perspective and bring more ease and joy into your life.

Since 2020 I am a certified Matrix-2 Point®️ Practicioner and provide sessions with this method or integrate them into my meditations for group sessions.

“The Matrix 2 Point Session Gracia carried on me far exceded my expectations. It was simply very powerful in its content, yet gentle and relaxed in its procedure. I could concentrate on the subject that had been filling my mind for quite a while, and find new perspectives and motivations on how to approach it. I fully recommended it to anyone in search or need for deeper solutions to personal blockages.”

Sebastián B. R. – Spain

“When I had this session with Gracia, I was exhausted for taking care of baby.. So I neeeded something to make me feel better. So Gracia recommend it and I did. After the session, I felt so light and relaxed. Like something erased in my mind. This helped me for being good and made me more positive. I would like to do it again!”

Jiae M. – Korea