About Me

The moment I felt ready to become a mother, I had this strong intuition to turn inwards, spending more time with myself and my inner world.

Through different courses and dedicated personal development work, I started to rediscover myself, my spirituality and along with it my creativity, which I had forgotten for so long.

I truly believe that life is a gift and it’s so beautiful to experience it. Of course, we all go through different challenges and stressful times, which is normal. We go through ups and downs and that’s human too. But many people feel overwhelmed or are in their day to day routine and they do not see what is possible beyond. Little by little we need to find ourselves again, who we truly are and how we can balance our life to shift it to more harmony, ease and joy. Only then, I believe, we will have more than enough strength to go through any challenges and be happier in our life.

By creating more awareness, prioritizing and taking care of all the different aspects of life, I have found more balance and happiness in my own life. On my journey I have learned a lot and would love to support you as well, bringing out your beautiful light and find your true self. I have a creative mind and gifted hands for crafting, a calm and patient personality to listen and give advice, confidence and experience to guide and teach others.

My name is Gracia Fehlberg (or simply Grace) from Germany with Japanese roots, living in Madrid for over a decade now, together with my husband and our twin boys who are both autistic. I work fulltime at IBM as an Invoicing Process Leader and Coach. Furthermore, I’m very passionate about a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which you can experience yourself through the different services I provide in this website.

Thank you for being here and for your support to create a better world just by being who you are. I’m so excited to get to know you and connect with you heart to heart.