Access Bars®️

Access Bars®️ from Access Consciousness®️ is a relaxing session, where you are laying on a mat/bed and I gently touch upon the 32 acupuncture points on your head to release blocked energies from your body.

Imagine that your brain is like the hard drive of a computer, sometimes it is so full of information and negative thoughts that it needs to be reset once in a while to function faster and better. Here you can let go of all the subjects your body is not needing anymore: from old beliefs, viewpoints, habits to thoughts and then you make space for your true self, invite ease, joy and glory.

I recommend to enter this session without expectations, as the experience is different for each one and in each session. At the very least what could happen is that you are at total ease, relaxed or even fall asleep, and the best thing that could happen is that your whole life starts to transform itself.

These sessions are face to face (can be even in your home or in nature) and take around 1 hour.

The following affirmation is a gift for you:
“All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory®️” – Dr. Dain Heer from Access Consciousness®️
Repeat it 10 times (or more) per day and you will experience a shift in your life.

“Gracia was my first introduction to Access Bars, something I wish I knew existed sooner! I could feel the calming energy of her hands as she lightly touched various parts of my head. Initially, my head was consumed by a negative pattern of thoughts, but as the session went on, I could feel my mind becoming more and more liberated from that negativity. After the session, I felt extremely relaxed and light – something Gracia invited me to explore more deeply on my path of emotional healing. She is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to guide and answer all of my questions that came up during the session.”

Juli Sasaki – USA

“After I had lain down on a mat, she started gently touching specific points on my head. Now and then, with a soft voice, she would give short explanations about what she was doing. I was suprised about the deep state of relaxation I reached even after a short time. I was tired that day and usually I would tend to fall asleep lying down in stillness. But somehow I found myself feeling completely relaxed and very awake at the same time. Afterwards I felt energized and somewhat „mentally lighter“. Thank you for the rejuvenating experience!”

Josephine Jensen – Germany