Crafting Workshops for Adults

Origami Crafting in a celebration about the friendship between Spain & Japan

Art and Creativity allow you to express yourself. It is a way to enjoy and have fun while creating something beautiful out of an idea in your mind. As children, we all experienced the ease and joy of crafting, but as adults most people have forgotten how much fun it can be. I want to encourage everyone to try to discover this part of themselves.

Sometimes I hear “I’m not good at crafting”, but after the class they are surprised how they have created something wonderful with their own hands. It’s not about being good at something, it is not to prove anything to anyone. It is just about the creative process, trying out new things, having a fun experience and discover what you like to explore more.

About my experiences: I have given crafting classes of all types, each class has a different topic because I love diversity. From standing on stage giving origami class in front of 150 people, to crafting in classrooms for companies like IBM and finally to crafting classes in smaller groups on weekends. I’m also open to give a crafting classes as part of an event like babyshower parties or birthdays.

“If you like crafting Gracia’s craft classes are the best way to spend a lovely time doing what you love. Each lesson has a different theme so you get to learn new techniques, cause at the begining of the class she explains it very clearly and it’s easy to follow.
I saw her giving an origami folding lesson on a Japanese Event on stage with more than 100 people and it was amazing to see how everyone could follow.
After the explanation you can unleash your creativity and originality, even maybe get to know yourself a little better too, because she sometimes applies some mindfulness to the crafts. But it is not only crafts, you also get to savour some delicious snacks and drinks! At the same time you get to know other people and share your hobby with them. Plus Gracia’s classes reach to a lot of international people so you can practice your English too. What else could you wish for? I’m always excited to know when is the next class!”

Olympia M. – Spain

“Gracia is a great handcrafts teacher. She organizes all the materials with great detail, she explains the activity carefully and creates a very nice group atmosphere. She has a passion for arts that she is able to spread. It is a great opportunity to join any of her classes in order to develop your creativity.”

Isabel de la Torre – Spain

“Gracia’s crafting classes are fun, bright and can give you an instant creativity boost!
Her attention to detail, her many skills and talents combined with the passion she puts into organizing these events (not to mention the lovely treats!!!) will ensure you have a memorable experience.”

Anamaria Ghimpu – Romania