Consultancy about Natural Supplements

Health is the most important asset we have, as otherwise we cannot function and enjoy our day to day life. Especially after I went through a pregnancy disease and having twins, I have experienced the importance of taking care of yourself (internally and externally) in order to have enough energy and be able to support my family.

These Natural Supplements really helped my family and myself in the following aspects:

  • severe migrane
  • hairloss
  • skin issues (eczema on the face)
  • pregnancy stretch marks
  • low stamina
  • weight loss and control
  • unbalanced diet
  • sensitive stomach
  • irregular sleep
  • lack of concentration
  • first solid food for our kids

Other clients have mentioned that they helped as well with:
– gain weight (if wished)
– allergies
– lipedema
– diabetics
– hashimoto’s disease

They are gluten-free, vegan and plant based, from vitamins to omega capsules, natural energy drinks, muesli bars and powerfood shakes or bowls (as in the picture).

I would like to highlight that I’m not a specialist in this field, I just share my experience and the ones of my clients. In the end every body/health state is different and can experience a different result. When I heard of it the first time I was also skeptical, but I’m very grateful that I tried it, because the change was just incredible.
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“Gracia listened to my situation and concerns and advised me on positive lifestyle changes as well as the options available through these natural supplements that could be helpful for me. I needed something to add to my diet as I often felt undernourished, hungry and weak. So I chose the Powerfood powder, which I now have every day. It is the perfect addition to my daily meals and I feel good knowing that I get so many nutrients out of it.”

Desiree Körtvelyessy – Germany

“When I introduced the first pureed food to my son, I could get some valuable advice from Gracia about how to use these natural supplements (vitamin capsules) especially the berries and fruits for his meals.
I am fond of the products from many years ago and I believe it helped me strengthen my immune system, so I was happy to use this when I was weaning my son at 5-6 months of age. Gracia has a lot of experience with her own children and her advice was helpful to me as this is my first child and his diet was plant based and breastfeeding only. Therefore these products perfectly fit into our lifestyle.”

Benedikta Becker-Bidard – Germany